L’ânePOS Subscription

Subscribing to L’ânePOS is a cost-efficient way of combining hardware, software, and support for a small monthly fee.

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Introductory Subscription Pricing
Length of SubscriptionPrice/Month/Terminal
Initial Setup Fee$653.40/store location
1 year$347
2 years$264
3 years$236


The subscription includes the use of the following hardware:
Our quiet, fan-free, cast aluminum cased touch screen terminal
A high-speed thermal receipt printer
A heavy-duty cash drawer
A customer pole display
A magnetic credit card reader
A laser barcode scanner (retail stores only)


The subscription includes unlimited technical support during our normal business hours (8:00AM - 5:00PM Monday - Friday, excluding holidays).

Also included are remote, off-site backups, daily emailed reports, and QuickBooks IIF import.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are you offering this subscription?
When talking with our customers who could most benefit from a point-of-sale solution, you stated your largest barrier to entry was the cost of these solutions. To address that issue, we have introduced three methods to move you into point-of-sale systems: traditional outright purchase, lease-to-own, and this subscription. The subscription offers a fixed monthly price, no up-front or maintenance cost for the hardware, and included support.
Who owns the equipment?
The equipment is owned by Burrell Business Systems. If you want to finance your own ownership of the equipment, our lease-to-own option will help you.
What happens if the equipment breaks?
Mechanical defects and normal wear-and-tear are covered by the subscription. Damage caused by abuse, burglary, or acts of nature are not covered. In those cases you will be required to pay the replacement cost for the equipment. As such, you should verify your business insurance covers this equipment.
Does the subscription include credit card support?
The subscription includes the hardware and software for credit card support for Visa/Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You will also need to setup a merchant account with our card services provider, a third party, to use it. The card services company provides fast card authorizations. (They claim a two-second round-trip for authorization.)
Are there any additional costs or requirements?
Our system requires a broadband Internet connection. This connection must be high-speed (for example DSL or cable modem) and always on. Also, the subscription requires you to purchase any supplies used in the system from Burrell Business Systems (only paper in the default setups, but possibly paper, ribbons, and ink cartridges in other setups).
What happens at the end of the subscription?
You can elect to keep using the same hardware at the three-year price, sign a new contract (and receive new hardware), or purchase a new L’ânePOS setup. Your data will be perfectly preserved with any of these options.
When are payments due?
This subscription is a pre-paid setup. Your first month and initial setup fees are due before the equipment is delivered. The fee for each month is due before that month occurs.
Where can I see a sample setup?
Our office in Effingham has a demonstration machine with a test credit card setup.
Can I upgrade to multi-terminal setups?
Yes, L’ânePOS supports multi-terminal setups.
What if my needs are more complicated?
Contact us for a quote.