On-Site Service

We offer on-site service for cash registers, copiers, duplicators (digital and spirit), calculators, fax machines, printers, multifunction machines, computers, point-of-sale equipment, typewriters, and other office equipment.

Our standard on-site rate requires a one-hour minimum charge per machine. This rate applies to service calls within approximately 25 miles of Effingham (see below, everthing within the pink circle). Service calls for customers outside that area pay an additional trip charge. Customers from 25 to 50 miles of Effingham pay the Zone 2 trip charge (see below, between the blue and pink circles). Customers between 50 and 75 miles pay the Zone 3 trip charge (see below, between the orange and blue circles).

Note: We charge the trip charge and the service call rate to the customer even if the service is unsuccessful or an estimate is refused. If either of these cases are true, we will allow the customer to apply their labor charges to a new or used replacement machine purchased from us.

On-Site Service Rates
Service Call$110.00/hr/machine
Zone 1 Trip Charge (25 mi of Effingham)No Additional Charge
Zone 2 Trip Charge (25 to 50 mi of Effingham)$45.00/trip
Zone 3 Trip Charge (50 to 75 mi of Effingham)$75.00/trip
Emergency Service Call (after hours or priority service; charge includes travel time from the technician's current location, not necessarily Effingham)$165.00/hr/machine

Zone Rate Map